Today: 09 February 2016

zANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History published "National Museum of Azerbaijan History - 2015" annual bulk.

zAmong the materials obtained to the collection of ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History are the samples related to the ethnographic heritage of our people.

zThe "H.Z.Tagiyev" medal by Charity Foundation H.Z.Tagiyev was donated to the National Museum of Azerbaijan History.

zRecently, the collection of the National History Museum of Azerbaijan of ANAS replenishes with unusual precious jewelery and ornaments.

zAs a result of research conducted in the foundation of banners Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Communication Forces by employee of the National Museum of Azerbaijan History, PhD in history Parvin Gozalov, who is on a business trip in St. Petersburg, Russia, was found a new unknown flag, which belonged to the Nakhchivan khanate of Azerbaijan. 

z“Era of Nakhchivan in VII-XII centuries in the history and historiography” book by Director of the National Azerbaijan History Museum, Academician Naila Valikhanli was published. New edition, dedicated to the history of Nakhchivan studies the history of the autonomous republic for more than 6 centuries.

zOn December 25, prominent scientist, historian-orientalist with “Shohrat” order, director of National Museum of Azerbaijan History, active member of ANAS Naila Velikhanli Mammadali gizi is 75 years old.

zA gold ring with a red stone and gold chain element, discovered during archaeological excavations was donated to ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History by head of Agsu city archaeological expedition, Doctor of Historical Sciences Gafar Jabiyev.

zRecently, National Museum of Azerbaijan History has obtained unique women decorative items.

xOn December 11, National Museum of Azerbaijani History of ANAS held a regular meeting of the Department of Social Sciences (DSS).