Today: 25 April 2017

On April 21, National Museum of Azerbaijan History of ANAS held a bureau meeting of the Division of Social Sciences.

“National Museum of Azerbaijan History: History, Science and Culture” (bulk of article and lectures) was published by Deputy Director of Science at the National Museum of Azerbaijan History of ANAS Dr. History Nargiz Aliyeva, in the publisher “Science and education”.

ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History has held a next event devoted “Islamic Solidarity” stemming out the Order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 10, 2017 about declaring 2017 as a year of “Islamic Solidarity”.

National Museum of Azerbaijan History has been restored gold women's earring, belonging toVIII-V centuries.

The VII International Conference "Turkish Art, History and Folklore" will be held at the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan on April 11-15, 2017.

Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs of the National Museum of Azerbaijan History, Dr. History Nargiz Aliyeva’s book on "Ibn Makula’s muhaddis about Azerbaijan".

The father of the senior lieutenant of Azerbaijan Armed forces Javed Dedekishiyev who has fallen as shekhid during April fights 2016 Gulbaba Dedekishiyev has visited the National Museum of Azerbaijan History.

ANAS Jabrayil region of Azerbaijan History Museum held "Open Lesson" in Azerbaijan ethnography for students of Jojug Marjanly village secondary school.

The event was organized within "Environmental monthlies” project at the secondary schools attached to Baku city Education Office.

ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History and the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan held commemoration dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Khojali Genocide "26- hope".

Head of the Department of External Relations and Research and the mass of the museum Emil Dadashov said in his speech that this tragedy is one of the bloodiest pages of our history.

On June 20, 2017, National Museum of Azerbaijan History organizes the first republican scientific conference on “Investigation, promotion, protection and removal of national values in the museum and archive and libraries”.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

- Position of national values in scientific fund and exposition in the museums;

- The organization of the archive and library;

- Museum of modern society. Search for new development ways;

- Protection and preservation of national values in the archive and library funds;

- Museum, science and education, partnership, experience, perspectives;

- Organization of restoration and conservation in museum, library and archives;

- The role of museums in formation of the historical memory of the young generation.

Those who wish to participate in the conference may send lecture abstracts and profiles to the until March 30, 2017.

Preparation and submission of abstracts: