Today: 21 September 2014

On 19 June, 2014   ANAS National Azerbaijan History Museum will hold the presentation ceremony of acquired apparatus in the framework of the project “Modernize and fitting out a laboratory  of NAHM with new equipment” which is realized due to  the grant of Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

exhibition “Gifts of Friends”On May 16, 2014 in National Azerbaijan History Museum of ANAS was held the opening of exhibition “Gifts of Friends”.

Azerbaijan National History Museum of ANAS issued the collection of papers “Azerbaijan during First World War”. Materials for published articles have been collected under the guidance of director of museum, academician Nailya Valikhanli and scientific secretary, PhD Farkhad Jabbarov who is scientific editor of papers. Papers included in the collection throw new light on role and place of Azerbaijan during war.

According to  the order  of  the President  of  Azerbaijan  Republic İlham Aliyev,  very important   for  Azerbaijan  history documents are  collected and  brought to Baku .

Academician Nailya Valikhanly  Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan came to decision to hold an election of directors for a number of scientific research institutes including other scientific establishments with analogous status. In the connection with that during general meeting among divisions of the National Academy of Sciences

By sponsorship of BP Company together with National Azerbaijan History Museum launched 10 day’s “Open door” campaign.

In accordance with 165th anniversary of well-known philanthropist Agha Musa Naghiyev, at ANAS National Azerbaijan History Museum is held the conference.

National Azerbaijan History Museum issued a new book titled “New book on coinage of Azerbaijan Safavid State”.

As is known during archeological excavations in the territory of Azerbaijan have been found different historical objects.

On 30 January, at National Azerbaijan History Museum of Azerbaijan National   Academy of Sciences was held presentation of books published by museum during 2013.