Today: 13 October 2015

photoOn October 25, 2015, National Museum of Azerbaijan History of ANAS will celebrate 95th anniversary. First steps of the museum were put as "Training museum of Native Land", then it has renamed to “Istiglal” as a successor of “Istiglal” museum”, which had opened on the occasion of anniversary of the Parliament of the People Republic of Azerbaijan in 1919, but did not find time to action.

photoThe publishing house "Elm" published bulk of articles "Prominent writer and thinker Ali bey Huseynzadeh”.

photoThe book titled as “Scientific ties and educational activity of Azerbaijani scientists in the medieval ages” by Deputy Director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan History for Academic Affairs, Dr. History Nargys Alieva, was released.

photoDirector of National Museum of Azerbaijan History of ANAS, Academician Naila Valikhanli attended the 1st Forum of Eurasian Women in St. Petersburg, Russia, devoted to 70th anniversary of II World War.

photoThe National Museum of History of Azerbaijan is the oldest museum of the Azerbaijan Republic. For example, when Azerbaijan was part of the Russian Empire, a history museum was never created here.

photo“Azerbaijani Carpets in Art” exhibition has opened at the Palace of Festivals as part of the Azerbaijani Culture Days in Cannes.

photoThe Heydar Aliyev Foundation will organize Azerbaijani Culture Days in Cannes, France, from July 14-31.

Paper dubbed “The traditional head covering of Azerbaijan women in the early of XIX-XX century”  co-authored by chief of Special foundation department of ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History PhD in History Afet Rustambayova and Ruslan Huseynov was published on “Irs” international journal’s next issue in English.

photoNational Museum of Azerbaijan History operates in two-shift work regime since June 1 on the eve of 1st European Games to be held in Baku.

photoMs. Diana Kohen Altman, executive director of “Karabakh” foundation to D.C, participant of the 3nd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, social figure, visited National Museum of Azerbaijan History.